Brisbane Barrister – Defamation Lawyer – Criminal Lawyer

Alex Nelson is a Brisbane Barrister with more than 20 years of experience in running trials in defamation, criminal law and domestic violence disputes.



He knows that preparation and planning are the keys to a successful outcome, whether it is in the pleadings, pre-trial applications or in trials before a jury or a judge alone.

Alex commenced his career in the law as an Army Legal Officer, prosecuting and defending in military courts before going into private practice at two commercial firms.  In 2003 he opened his own firm as a solicitor and was called to the bar in Brisbane in 2010 where he worked across a range of areas including commercial litigation, statutory demands, property, family law, criminal law and domestic violence matters. This broad experience has enabled him to achieve some outstanding results in courts and tribunals in Brisbane, Sydney, regional Queensland and Northern NSW, including:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Alex-4-683x1024.jpgYou can trust him to have read the brief thoroughly, to know the facts and to apply them to the law, achieving the best possible outcome for the client.

If you are involved in a defamation dispute, a criminal law or domestic violence case and would like Alex Nelson to assist you or to appear for you in court, he can be contacted as follows:

95 North Quay, Brisbane Qld 4000

0402 227 498

[email protected]

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